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Elgin Sing-Along Messiah Score

Numbers for Audience Singing

Some printings of Handel’s Messiah have different numbering, however the titles of the numbers intended for the chorus remain the same. The Audience will be able to sing along on the following numbers:
  • And the glory of the Lord    (No. 4)
  • For unto us a Child is born    (No. 12)
  • Glory to God    (No. 17)
  • Hallelujah   (No. 44)
  • All we like sheep   (No. 26)

Bringing Your Own Score

Copies of our score, with all voices, will be handed out at the door. However you may bring a your own copy if you like. You may download the score here to bring on your tablet if you like! 

Versions Available by Voice

PERFORMERS MUSIC (312-987-1196)
MUSIC DISPATCH (800-637-2852)

Voicings are sold separately, or in specially priced groups of four (one of each voicing). Performers Music and Music Dispatch have these CDs (not to mention the Messiah score):

  • #00505051 Soprano CD 
  • #00505053 Alto CD  
  • #00505055 Tenor CD  
  • #00505057 Bass CD